COVID-19 Safety Practices

Enhanced Clean

More than ever, health, safety, and wellbeing matter most. Rest assured, the Haliburton Post House employs enhanced cleaning standards developed by experts, for the times of COVID-19 and beyond.

Away from crowds enjoy the seclusion of a private lakeside retreat, with no unknown people, high turnovers, or elevators. Our COVID-19 safety practices include careful social distancing requirements too.

Sanitized surfaces in addition to rigorous all-round cleaning, we pay special attention to all high-touch areas and items, like remotes, switches, and doorknobs.

Effective products we use cleaners approved by health experts, like disinfectants with 70% alcohol or higher.

Trained staff our small group of pro team members is very careful in all steps and checklists, including wearing masks and gloves properly during indoor cleaning, maintenance, and other tasks.