Trekking Through India Menu

Side dishes

Spiced Sourdough Naan

Garlic butter

Cucumber Salad

Cucumbers, toasted peanuts, cumin, coconut, lime vinaigrette


Potato Samosas

Mint and tamarind chutney


Chicken Kebabs

Chicken tikka, cilantro pesto

Main dish

*All mains served with Basmati rice*

Killara Station Butter Chicken

Marinated chicken, spiced tomato butter sauce, cilantro, cashews


Ontario Lamb Chops

Grilled lamb chops, fenugreek cream, spinach, lemon


Goan Curry Prawns

Prawns, coconut curry, Kashmiri chili, tamarind, cilantro


Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Curry, yogurt, tomato, cilantro


Mango Lime Tart

Torched meringue, coconut crust

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