Greek Giorti Bundle

We are offering our weekly feature dinner menu along with the option
to include Post House Brunch for $90 per person. You can also order
the Brunch or Dinner separately for $35 or $65. (Prices not incl. tax)

Post House Brunch

Side dishes

Every brunch meal comes with these sides:

Post House Granola

House-Made Almond Croissants

Ontario Strawberry Preserve

Main dish

House Sausage & Quiche

Maple sausage, cheddar & leek quiche, potato
hash, smoked tomato preserve


Ricotta Toast

House sourdough toast, whipped ricotta, cherry tomatoes, avocado,
harissa roasted red peppers, fresh greens, herb vinaigrette


Fruit Trifle

Fresh fruit, sea buckthorn curd, vanilla mousse, almond cake

Greek Giorti Dinner

Side dishes

Every dinner comes with these sides:

Post House Sourdough

Served with Kawartha Dairy butter

Greek Salad

Sweet peppers, tomato, red onion, cucumber,
Crosswind Farms feta, oregano dressing



Flaky pastry, eggplant, fresh herbs, tzatziki


Fogo Island Calamari Kokkinisto

Sautéed calamari, tomato purée, olives, parsley, grilled flat bread

Main dish

Wood-Fired Lamb Leg

Marinated lamb leg, charred onion, lettuce,
cherry tomatoes, potatoes, lemon jus


La Spetsiota Cod

Heirloom tomato crusted east coast cod,
crushed chickpeas, spinach, parsley


Vegetarian Moussaka

Tomato, zucchini, eggplant, spiced lentils, béchamel, parmesan



Classic Greek custard tart, fresh berries

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